Property Management

The Abbey Company manages all of its properties exclusively with its own Property Management Professionals.

Local Property Managers are responsible for the day-to-day management of their properties alongside a robust staff of in-house Engineers, Construction Managers, and Property Services Professionals. The on-site and in-house Property and Facilities team members are led by the Director of Property Management and the Director of Facilities. The Abbey Company utilizes decentralized empowerment to maintain a tenant centric business model, in order to maximize response time, financial performance, tenant retention and an overall quality of product that outperforms our competitors in the marketplace. The Abbey Company truly envisions itself as a “One Stop Shop” when it comes to providing all Commercial Property Services.

On-Site Leasing Managers

The Abbey Company has full-time, on-site Leasing Management and Market Professionals that are tasked exclusively with Leasing all of our own Real Estate.

Leasing Managers are community experts, priding themselves on maintaining a healthy and diverse tenant base throughout their regional portfolios, while ensuring the long-term financial performance of their projects. Leasing Managers are located in on-site offices, open daily for both appointments and walk-ins. The onsite Leasing Managers are led by the Vice President of Leasing who works directly with the managers and with the brokerage community on lead development, advertising, and property marketing. While an array of resources are utilized, including leads from brokers, the Leasing Managers take a daily pro-active approach; often generating leads from their own personal knowledge of their markets and a uniquely honed specialization within their product type. Reach out to one of our Leasing Managers today if you are interested in leasing space.

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